GEGENWARTSBEWÄLTIGUNG is an illustrative diary in which I describe my perception of the NOW and deal with these challenges of everyday life. In a self-therapeutic approach, the highs and lows are captured in images and text: dealing with loneliness and isolation caused by the corona pandemic as well as the difficulties of living with depression and experiences of loss during lock-down. The project aims to help come to terms with the NOW and accept one’s situation as well as give courage and hope for better times.
This book has been shown in the exhibition NOW – EXPEDITIONEN INS JETZT in April 2021 in the city center of Linz. The last few pictures show the book in the context of the NOW-exhibition. You can also find this project on the website of the exhibition.

Originated in 2021 at Kunstuni Linz – Photos 1-4 by Frederic Lukas; Photos 5-7 by Violetta Wakolbinger