The transdisciplinary international co-operation project EXPEDITIONS INTO THE NOW was initiated by the kulturtankstelle of the University of Arts Linz and realised in a collaboration between the departments of Architecture, Art History & Art Theory, Visual Communication, and the Graduate Institute for Transdisciplinary Art of National Kaohsiung Normal University in Taiwan. Its start was a workshop entitled “Green Explosion” held in Linz in 2019, with international guests. A wide variety of topics were discussed, from water shortage in Taiwan to new forms of mobility and fermentation practices. But with the Corona pandemic, all projects got caught up in the turbulence of the present.

Many projects were originated during these EXPEDITIONS so the idea came up to make an exhibition in the inner city of Linz to showcase all of them. One of my projects, GEGENWARTSBEWÄLTIGUNG, was also shown. But with the concept of an exhibition we need of course a branding, prints and social media presence. Maria Strieder, Jessica Bernhard and me worked on the corporate design. Nearly everything of the visual appearance comes from my creativity but the print products themself have been created in teamwork. Other students created a website, an instagram account and a printed documentation of the exhibition.

In collaboration with all students of the major Visuelle Kommunikation – Originated in 2021 at Kunstuni Linz – Photos 2 by Tina Frank; Photos 5-6 by Violetta Wakolbinger