The Designmonat is a yearly event in Graz. Designers from all over the country and different fields come together and celebrate a month of design, art and culture. I created a concept for the Designmonat 2018 together with three colleagues from university.

After intense research on the topic, we came up with the claim „growing together“ (in German „zusammenwachsen“). But not only growing together to form one community having the same interests. We also meant growing together in the sense of growing with each other and rising together. We chose the Mur (river flowing through Styria) as a symbol of the red band that holds us and brings us all together. On the prints the strings of this band grow together and form a thicker line which represents the course of the Mur. All prints put together show a part of the course of the Mur again as you can see on the last picture.

In collaboration with Katharina Veit, Agnes Rosa Hirzer and Clara Frühwirt – Originated in October 2017